The aural capsules contain the following controllable layers:

Ambience : quadrophonic loops of ambient location recordings,

Resonance : location sounds processed to bring out musical resonances

Presence : the emphasis is on musical content composed based on artist's interpretation of location's soundworld

Prominence : events-based sound snippets that highlight elements in the environment or visual capsule
This work presents audio-visual capsules of Singapore. Various locations were selected through questioning the familiar and unfamiliar, of our natural and unnatural habitat.

Distilling an essence of each location as we view and hear them, these mixed media documentaries invite exploratory participation from the visitor to the installation.
The visual capsules are a combination of 360 degree still shots of the selected location and short video clips layering reality, hyperreality and surrealism.

Presented as a series of frames that the user navigates arounds. Ownership of direction and the time domain is given to the visitor.